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Alternative Earth Resources Inc. considers Pumpernickel to be an advanced stage project that is ready for commercial development. Alternative Earth has a 100% leasehold in the Pumpernickel geothermal property located in north-central Nevada, 20 mi (30 km) east of Winnemucca. The site covers 11 square miles (28.5 square km) of land and has access to connection points on the local transmission grid.

Gravity and seismic surveys, thermal gradient drilling, third party testing and a historic production test well indicate an inferred resource of up to 33MW (net). Based on geothermometry, reservoir temperature estimates are 338-392°F (170-200°C). Production targets are defined and three production test wells are planned to establish feasibility of a 15-30MW development.

Alternative Earth has obtained a water license from the State to enable water cooling for a binary geothermal power plant. Water cooled plants are more efficient than air cooled plants in the hot summer. Alternative Earth has signed a Large Generator Interconnection Agreement with NV Energy.  

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